The Pointe's goal is to build community and lasting relationships and be the church to the hurting world.

Pointe Kids

We are a children's ministry program at the Pointe Church in Leesburg, Georgia. Our mission is meet children where they are and Pointe them towards hope in God through age appropriate curriculum presented in a fun, interactive, and exciting environment.

Pointe Student Ministry

Pointe Student is the ministry geared toward 6-12 grade students. We teach and equip them God exists and that He loves them. As they navigate this crazy world, we train them through with worship relevant and Biblical principles. Our mission is to train them to love God, themselves, and others.

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Serving Holy Communion - Carl Barnhardt.
Connection Pointe Groups

Relationships matter to us at the Pointe. God never intended for us to do life alone. Our Connection Pointe Groups gather together and dive into God’s word and grow better together.

Ministry Servants

Being a part of The Pointe allows you to share Biblical truths with others. There are lots of ways you can get involved. 

* Security
* In Service Servants
* Worship/Tech
* Guest Services
* Media Support
* Helping Hands
* First Impressions

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